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    Ultra Violet (UV) Sterilization

    UV sterilization is used to kill growth of micro-organisms.

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    WaterSmith Works Ultra Violet lamp (UV) sterilizer kills 99.9% of all known harmful bacteria and contaminants, such as E-coli and Cholera by means of an Ultra Violet germicidal lamp housed in a high quality quartz sleeve.

    As the UV will not penetrate murky water, the UV lamp would normally be used in conjunction with a Whole house filter system in previous section. Ultra violet lamps are complete with electrics (transformers), LED warning systems and mounting brackets and are available in either Stainless Steel (recommended) or PVC.


    Max Pressure Watts In/outlet Size Max FLow Rate Application
    Stainless Steel 6 Bar 11 Watt ?” 220l/p/h Single tap
    Stainless Steel 6 Bar 25 Watt ?” 1200l/p/h Medium house
    Stainless Steel 6 Bar 55 Watt 1” (25cm) 2500l/p/h Large house/lodge
    PVC 4 Bar 55 Watt 2” (50cm) 2500 l/p/h Large house/lodge

    Larger UV Models are also available