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    Water Purification Systems

    All of our systems are supported by WaterSmith Works’ promise, and delivery of service guarantee

    Contact WatersmithWorks
    WaterSmith Works

    WaterSmith Works supply to resellers, select retailers and end users

    We offer spares and accessories, and complete Purification and Filtration up to Industrial units


    • WaterSmith Works

      The Times’ Newspaper clipping featured 30 September 2014

      “If minimum filtration is not used, Municipal water use is a lottery.” Rand water fails to mention it does not guarantee water after it has left the plant because it travels many kilometres through leaking and damaged pipes before it reaches homes for use. So, no, it’s not safe .Testing household tap water has revealed many impurities, including faeces and gender bending hormones. Chlorine which is used to recycle water has been linked to cancers."

    A Few Of Our Products

    • Domestic Filters
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • Reverse Osmosis

    WaterSmith Works, established in 2002, Import and Distribute High Quality Water Purification Systems and Associated products to the trade, office and domestic household and Industrial markets direct. Supplying to resellers and select retailers as a Wholesaler but also accommodating end users, servicing customers nationally and in surrounding countries offering equipment supported by extensive product knowledge.

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